Greek Life

There are three Greek organizations offered at Tennessee Wesleyan College. The two sororities are Alpha Xi Gamma and Sigma Kappa. Both new and returning students are eligible to get involved with these organizations. Upon completion of a recruitment period, a student with a "C" average and enrolled in at least three courses is eligible to be formally initiated. Sigma Kappa holds national affiliation, while Alpha Xi maintains only local status.

The college's fraternity is Delta Zeta Phi. Delta Zeta Phi is a local fraternity founded at Tennessee Wesleyan College and was established to reinforce its members to strive for higher standards of excellence in all areas of their lives. The chapter is a social as well as philanthropic society and makes every effort to help further the school community at Tennessee Wesleyan College by example, works, and spirit. Upon completion of a pledge period, a full-time student with a minimum semester G.P.A. of a 2.5 is eligible to be formally initiated.

Delta Zeta Phi is a social organization designed to help members develop a sense of belonging at Tennessee Wesleyan College and to give men a voice on campus. Delta Zeta Phi recruits new members in the fall semester each year.