Residence Life Programs

Life on campus is full of activity. While Student Activities offers numerous programs for all students, the Residence Life Office and staff provide programs specifically for residential students.

We offer activities in and out of the halls. Each residence hall hosts its own special programs, but there are also programs in which all four halls participate together. Programs allow residents a chance to take a break from the academic world and enjoy fun activities with their fellow residents. Programs also help students get to know one another. Each hall has its own personality, and the programs reflect the building and its residents. Whether you're into sports, arts and crafts, movies, games, free food, or simply socializing, you will always find something of interest.

Traditional Residence Life Programs

Ice Cream Olympics

Started in 2005, this event is held every fall (usually around September) for all 4 halls to compete in games that all involve ice cream, such as the Root Beer Float Relay, Ice Cream Mouth Sundae, and Ice Cream Eating Contest. The event is always well attended, and all ice cream is donated by Mayfield Dairy Farms of Athens.

Halloween Celebration

On Halloween night, each residence hall provides a Halloween activity that is open to the children of Athens at no cost. Wesley Commons provides an indoor carnival called "Carnival at the Commons", with face painting, peanut race, cookie decorating, ring toss, a ghost story room, bean bag throw, and many other activities. Nocatula residents provide a display of jack-o-lanterns to show outside for those who pass by, as well as help out with the Commons' Carnival. Fowler Hall opens their top floor for a very well-crafted Haunted House, which is a huge success every year. The ladies of Keith Hall open their building for general trick-or-treating throughout the halls. They decorate each floor and dress up as characters that are thematic to the décor of the hall, such as Disney characters, the zoo, board games, etc.

PigSkin and Pig Out

Started in 2006, this event is held every spring (usually in early April) on Rankin Hudson field. Residents join in a big game of flag football with several relays with prizes during half-time, and free Buddy's BBQ to all who attend. Another very well-attended programming event, PSPO is a tradition that will carry on for a long time. Who doesn't love watching/playing a flag football game in the gorgeous Spring weather and having free BBQ?

Following is a list of programming events that have been held in the different residence halls (many of which have become traditions as well) throughout the years: