Residence Life

Residence Life at Tennessee Wesleyan College offers you the opportunity to make the very most of your college experience. Living on campus offers you a front row seat for all of the exciting things happening on and around campus. Residents are close to all the activities on campus, and have many activities to attend that are specifically for residents. Those living on campus are also only steps away from Downtown Athens' parades, festivals, restaurants, and stores.

College life is about meeting new people and having new experiences. While living on campus, students are exposed to different backgrounds, cultures, social classes, everyday realistic situations, home habits, and routines. Living in a residence hall is the perfect time for a you to take that first step out of your comfort zone, as it enhances the overall growing process of the college experience. Residents get to know other students as they live, study, and hang out together. These students, unbeknownst to one another at the beginning of each year, become those potential classmates, lab partners, choir buddies, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, teammates, study groupers, campus co-workers, and best friends.

Residence Life at Tennessee Wesleyan College offers students the opportunity to have independence within the safe community atmosphere of the campus. One can find time alone as well as constant activity within the residence halls, scheduled or spontaneous. The strong friendships made within the halls are priceless. Living on campus at Tennessee Wesleyan College allows students to enjoy every second of college life while making memories that will last forever.

*All students attending Tennessee Wesleyan College are required to live on campus unless they meet these criteria.