Tennessee Wesleyan College's Office of Career Services offers services, programs, and resources to help students and alumni make important career decisions about majors and career paths, as well as develop important job readiness skills including resume writing and job interviewing. If you would like to refer your student to Career Services, have them stop by the office in Townsend Hall (S.A.C.) or have them call (423)746-5224.

As a faculty member, you may wish to schedule a class presentation through our office. We have a variety of career readiness workshop presentations to meet your needs.

Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring

As a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), TWC Career Services adheres to NACE's ethical standards in recruiting and holds recruiting employers to ethical standards, as well. These guidelines for faculty outline ethical standards for faculty involvement in recruitment of college students.

Presentation Request

Have to to miss teaching a class? Don't cancel it! Let Career Services cover your class for you!

Career Services will visit your class and share information about our services as well as career development topics such as: job readiness skills, internships, employment opportunities, and many others. For additional information, contact the Career Services Office.