Career Services

Tennessee Wesleyan College's Office of Career Services supports students and alumni in preparing for and making informed decisions about their undergraduate and post-graduate academic and employment plans. Career Services supports students through all stages of their college experience, from the first year through graduation.

If you have questions about anything regarding finding an on-campus job, volunteering, graduate school, how to write a resume, or even if you have no clear picture of which career would be a good fit for you, Career Services can help! Our department provides a continuum of collaborative services, activities, and programs that assist students in developing and achieving their academic and career goals.

Career Resources

Career Counseling

Our Career Counseling program offers confidential counseling to help students deal with career and/or educational concerns and issues. We will help you explore your possibilities and assist you with setting goals. Career Assessments are offered on an as needed basis.

Internship Program

Learn by doing! Develop yourself beyond the classroom by landing the perfect internship! Did you know that employers and graduate school admission committees greatly value applicants who have been through an internship? It’s because interns know how to apply what they have been studying. Internships provide real-world experience in your area of study

Professional and Graduate School Planning

The Professional and Graduate School Planning seminars are the college’s primary resources for anyone interested in a post-baccalaureate education including dental school, medical school, law school, pharmacy school, or graduate school.

Career Opportunities

On-campus recruitment is available in the Fall and Spring through the EMPLOY-A-BULLDOG Network and March Madness Career Immersion. EMPLOY-A-BULLDOG Network is the college’s powerful online job board for students that can search thousands of job opportunities worldwide. Students log on using MyPortal and can search locally, regionally, or nationally for jobs and internships, part-time or full-time (click MyCareerDevelopment under the MyStudentLife tab).

Career Services Links