Mark Shoop

Professor of Biology
Chair, Department of Natural Sciences

Office:117 Fisher Hall

Telephone: (423) 746-5315

Campus Address

204 E. College St .

Athens , TN 37303


FAX  (423) 744-9968

Educational History:

Ph.D. in Animal Physiology Clemson University 1991

M.S. in Biology The Pennsylvania State University 1986

B. S. in Biology The Pennsylvania State University 1984

Courses Taught:

B 155 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Fall)

B 156 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Spring)

B 172 General Biology II: The Diversity of Life (Spring)

B 274 General Zoology (Spring)

B 271 Seminar in Pre-Professional Studies (Spring)

B 384 Vertebrate Anatomy and Development (Alternate Falls)

B 450 Evolutionary Biology (Spring)

B 472 Animal Physiology (Alternate Falls)

B 479 Vertebrate Endocrinology (Spring)


I am interested in Endocrinology, the chemical signaling within an animal's body between various cells/tissues/organs. In particular I am curious about stress responses, reproduction, and aging. Additionally, I have an interest in how biology has influenced the history of mankind.