Students, faculty and staff honored at Honors Convocation

Posted on: April 20, 2012

Thursday was a morning of celebration at Tennessee Wesleyan College. Students, faculty and staff gathered in Townsend Memorial Hall to celebrate academic achievement, hard work and dedication.

Thursday was a morning of celebration at Tennessee Wesleyan College. Students, faculty and staff gathered in Townsend Memorial Hall to celebrate academic achievement, hard work and dedication. President Harley Knowles and faculty and staff members presented more than 100 awards recognizing individuals on campus who have exceeded expectations and excelled in their work at the college.

 “Theodore Rubin said, ‘Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best,’” said Dr. Knowles, praising students, faculty and staff for their contribution to the academic success of TWC.

2012 Tennessee Wesleyan Honors Convocation Awards:

Art and Music

The William P. Miller Award                                                Aaron Martel

The Harrilyn C. Sallis Award                                              Kayla White

The Mrs. Sue Carter Sherman Award                               Melissa Maddux

Studio Rat Award                                                              Jordan Hart

The Mrs. Frank Riggs Award                                            Brittany Rothfolk


The Harry Russell Caldwell Award                                    Cody Slade Brown


The Tennessee Wesleyan College Biblical Studies Award            Sydney Varajon

The Naff Award in Religion and Philosophy                                       Joshua Jones


Athens Educational Association Award                                    Merriam Krahala

McMinn County Retired Teachers Association Award               Bretta Wright

McMinn County Teachers Association Award                           Casey Cooper

Sherry B. Godsey Award                                                           Karessa Cunningham

Pi Lambda Theta-Educational Honorary Society                            Ashley Yell

Alpha Delta Kappa-Honorary Society                                                    Ashton Haynie


The Chemical Rubber Company Award                                    Peyton Scruggs

The American Institute of Chemist Award                                 Chelsea Webb

The Richard M. Johnson Award                                       Lorin A. Bibb and Nicholas C. Reed


The TWC Evening Program Best Overall Business Administration Student Award         Erin Woods

The TWC Accounting Award                                                               Ashleye Cooper

The TWC Management Award                                                            Justin Smith

The TWC Finance Award                                                                     Taylor Oldham

The TWC International Management Award                                         Giovanni Santos

The TWC Computer Information System Award                                   Grant Beeler

The TWC Marketing Award                                                                  Emilee Reed and Avery Gallaher

The TWC Human Resource Management Award                                 Mallory Hayes

The Bill “B.T.” Hutson Best Overall Business Administration Student Award     Hannah Brown

Business Administration Award in Memory of Allen H. Carter                           Tanner Bivens

Business Administration Award in Honor of Valerie Carter Tipps                      Natalie Bernhard

Criminal Justice

The Jeffrey Barnes Memorial Service Award                     Allison D. Bridges

The Criminal Justice Association Award                            Ashley E. Gates

The Annual “Mr. T” Thompson Award                               Amanda R. Harris

The Jane Addams Award                                                  Tiffany C. Ewing


The Mr. and Mrs. George Yates Prize                                 Lisa Swearingen

The L & M Motors Mathematics Award                                Brandon Dockery

The Jane Bowling Kennerly Memorial Scholarship and Prize in Mathematics   Mary “Ashton” Haynie


The Tennessee Wesleyan College Exercise and Sports Sciences Award Lacee D. Rasar and Timothy D.  Schlafer


The Harrison Hart Outstanding Library Assistant Award             Tracey Jaynes


Springs of Helicon Awards:

                            Poetry: Merriam Krahala

                            Prose:  Mkrtic Mikajelian

                            Art/Photography: Melody Cox

The Isobel Griscom Award                                                     Merrick Dorian Gray

The Pauline Wiggins O’Brian Award                                      Kelsey Cowan

The Outstanding English Major Award                                   Ciara Frisbie and Merriam Krahala

Sigma Tau Delta Inductees 2011-2012:                                               

Brianna Cash     Alex Jones

Cassidy Comerford        Brooke Moore

Karla Dake         Andrew Thompson

Brittany East     Kelsey Young

Amy Eastridge Maci Shelton

Sabrina Hardy  Laura Wolfe

Nathan Harmon              


Nocatula Yearbook Award                                                         Gray Wattenbarger


William James Psychology Award                                         Jennifer White

Psi Chi Inductees:                                                                          

Spencer Creekmore      

Allison McCutchen

                Jennifer White

                Mallory Culling               



The Standing Ovation Award for Career Achievement in Theatre           Meg Malone

The Spotlight Awards for Achievement in Acting                            Aaron Martel and Rebecca Miller

The Limelight Award for Most Promising Newcomer(s)            Aislin Anderson and John Smith

The Golden Gaff Tape Award for Exceptional Work Behind-the-Scenes               Melody Cox

The Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honor Society Inductees:

Aislin Anderson               Lisa Latham

Kelsey Cowan   Katie Smith

Student Government Association

The Ann Vaught Dougherty Award                                         Gray Wattenbarger

The Jeffrey L. Barnes Service Award                                     Mallory Hayes

The Jim Thompson Service Awards                                       Faculty: Lynne Gylani

Staff:    Ginger Murphy

Leadership and Who’s Who

The Dr. Floyd “Jack” Bowling Award                       Kirby Deal


The Balfour Award                                                        Zach Sherrill and Kirby Deal


Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges


Meagan Akins

Faith Glover

Jonathan Beeler

Brittnie Hester

Sarah Birgen

Lauren Howard

Jesse Booher

Michael Howard

Nicholas Brady

Janelle Johnson

Ben Bright

Amber Jones

Hannah Brown

Mary Kate Kegley

Candice Burgan

Nichole Knox

Cassidy Comerford

James Lee

Kelsey Cowan

Chelsey Murphy

Anna Beth Cunningham

Hollie Reagan

Kirby Deal

Emily Reed

Jacob Derrick

Holly Rogers

Lauren Flores

Alyssa Turnage

Heather Gibson

Gray Wattenbarger





Recognition of Ambassadors

Elizabeth Anderson

Timothy Kukla

Laken Ballard

Rachel McDonald

Hannah Brown

Madison McWilliams

Ashley Chamness

Kayla Messel

Matthew Crabtree

Brandon Partin

Karessa Cunningham

Dexter Robertson

Anna Cunningham

Lindsey Trotter

Kirby Deal

Erica Wagginer

Lauren Flores

Jake Wilson

David Alex Hicks



Recognition of Hackberry and Oaks Society




Thomas Barker

Mason Onstott

Stephanie Breeden

Brittany Price

Emily Clevenger

Lacee Rasar

Karessa Cunningham

Hollie Reagan

Jake Derrick

Holly Rogers

Mallory Hayes

Katie Sluder

Ashton Haynie

Justin Smith

Michael Howard

Alyssa Turnage

Amber Jones

Gray Wattenbarger

Jessica Keith







Elizabeth Anderson

Megan Dannel

Jordan Bean

Ashlie Reagan

Tally Burke

Sydney Varajon

Anna Cunningham

Erica Waggoner

Matt Dolberry


Zack Sherril



Service-Learning Awards

The TWC Freshman Volunteer of the Year Award          Emily Miller

The TWC Sophomore Volunteer of the Year Award       Casey Cooper

Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty Award                   Dr. Nancy Gregg

Outstanding Student Organization Volunteer Award     Habitat for Humanity

Faculty Awards

The General Board of Higher Education and

Ministry of the United Methodist Church,

Exemplary Teacher Award                                                        Dr. Nathan Windt

The Alton Smith Award for Academic Advising               Ms. Linda Garza

New Faculty Incentive Award                                                  Dr. Nancy Gregg

The Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship Award       Dr. Lori Waite

The Faculty Incentive Merit Award                                       Ms. Jean Bernard

The Faculty Incentive Recognition Award                          Dr. Eric Love and Ms. Penny Neal

The Deane G. Hall Award                                                             Dr. Dan Gilbert and Dr. Sharon Brown 

The Lockmiller Teacher of the Year                                      Dr. Elizabeth Ruleman

Staff Awards

Aramark/TWC Staff Member of the Year                            Daranee Manley

National/TWC Staff Member of the Year                             Ronnie Albert

Murray Guard/TWC Staff Member of the Year                 Larry Carlyle

New Staff Member Innovation Award                                  Mandie Beeler

The Senior Staff Award                                                                Gary Gay

The Flame Award                                                                           Jessica Edwards

Outgoing SGA Officers

President:           Cassie Romeo

Vice President:   Kirby Deal

Secretary:           Mallory Hayes

Treasurer:           Thomas Barker

Incoming SGA Officers

President:           Matt Harper

Vice President:   Rachel McDonald

Secretary:           Tally Burke

Treasurer:           Ramon Rivera