Former TWC team captain issues shootout challenge.

Posted on: February 9, 2012

1952 Women's Basketball team captain Betty Barnett took on current team member Alli Moreland during the halftime show on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.

After nearly 60 years away from the basketball court at Tennessee Wesleyan College a former team captain returned to issue a challenge to the current women’s basketball program.

Betty is a 1953 graduate of Tennessee Wesleyan College and was the team captain of the TWC Women’s Basketball Team 60 years ago, in 1952. Barnett recently came to Lawrence Hall on campus and said she wanted to issue a challenge to a member of the current team. The challenge was for a basketball shootout during the half time of the Wednesday, February 8, game against Virginia Intermont College.



When half time came, Betty Barnett hobbled onto the court walking with the assistance of a cane, wearing her warm, winter housecoat. However, as Survivor’s "Eye of the Tiger" started playing over the speakers, Barnett came to life. She threw away her cane and ripped the housecoat away to reveal blue basketball shorts and shirt. She nimbly snatched the ball away from Moreland at half court and dribbled down to the goal where she successfully made a layup.

Prior to the layup, those who had gathered for the game made comments about Barnett being “sweet” but quickly they learned the former captain was there to play. Both Barnett and Moreland had fun during the exhibition.