Remembering Dr. Durwood Dunn

Posted on: February 20, 2014

Faculty, staff, students, and alumni share their memories of Dr. Durwood Dunn, a beloved TWC professor, friend, and accomplished historian who is greatly missed by his TWC family.

"Dr. Dunn was an amazing professor! I loved his Geography class. He will be greatly missed." - Katie Hanley

"I never had him a professor but I know of his great impact he had on his students. Many of my friends, and my boyfriend had him and liked him very much. Praying for all friends and family during this time of loss." - Elizabeth Ann Anderson

"His geography class was by far the best class I've ever taken." - Stephen Hang

"Very sad at his passing. One of the best professors I had at TWC and someone who was a friend after I graduated. He will be greatly missed." - Adam Abbott

"Dr. Dunn was one of those exceedingly brilliant people who fortunately also had a passion for passing on his vast knowledge of History. One of the best! God bless him." - Mallory Hayes

"You will be missed, Dr. Dunn. Thank you for you love and History and Methodism. I always enjoyed our conversations." - Matt Trussell

"He will be missed by all of the history majors he has ever taught! I will never forget that he would yell "Schnell Schnell" when trying to finish a holocaust biography quiz. Dr. Dunn you were one amazing professor!" - Jonathan Brock

"Dr. Dunn was one of the greats. His courses begged you to think and he pushed his students to be curious. His absence will be felt!" - Amalauna Brock

"I have so many fond memories of Dr. Dunn. He was one of a kind. His passing is our loss. May he rest in peace." - Johnna Hampton

"He was a born teacher, a challenging and brilliant intellect, and a nurturing thinker. I know that he made a lasting impact on me, something that I think I will feel for years to come. He will be deeply missed. Rest in Peace." - Rebecca Patterson

"No matter what, he was there at 8 am on the dot. He taught with exceptional knowledge and made you want to learn more about anything and everything. A professor I will always respect and think of when I remember my time here at TWC. Also, I will never forget him passing back our tests and telling us to "open the windows and begin the executions" because it was a rough one! His sense of humor was always something to look forward to in the mornings!" - Erica Ann Allen 

"I really enjoyed Dr Dunn 's upper level classes. Because he showed his sense of humor and personality. He once told me to move away from my normal seat in the back by the window. I said 'Why Dr Dunn, I always sit here?' His reply 'Bobby I am afraid you may be tempted to jump when you see your test grade'." - Bobby Earls 

"I had the privilege of having him for history 2 in my final semester. He was such a great teacher." - Steven Petrillo

"Dr. Dunn was one of the best professors I've ever had. I had him for four upper level history courses and he taught me more than I could ever thank him for. He made me really learn to think and not just memorize facts. He had a great sense of humor as well. I'll always remember him coming into class and telling us to open the blinds because it "looks like a russian funeral in here". I also picked up a bit of German along the way. Mach schnell!" - Karla Dake

"He used to tell me that whatever I was on, it must be good. A great historian and a great man." - Diane West Hustell

"The world has lost an amazing historian and even more amazing teacher. His classes contained some of the saddest material I've ever been exposed to and made you realize why history is so important. You will forever be missed and loved by all, Dr. Dunn." - Jennifer Combs-Miller

"I am very sorry to hear this. Dr. Dunn was a great professor, and a great advisor. I really appreciated his love of Appalachian history. For those who may not have read them, I recommend his Cades Cove books, which can be found in Barnes and Noble and on Amazon." - Elisha Henry Millan

"Dr. Dunn was a wonderful professor that made students not "mind" going to his class. He had a great personality and humor." - Tracie Dillard

"I am sadden to hear about Dr. Dunn. He truly was a great professor and had a wit about him that was truly unique. I had political science and an upper history class with him." - Andrea Smith

"Dr. Dunn was an inspiration and mentor to me and he will truly be missed. Prayers go out to all his family, friends and colleagues because we have lost a great man." - Justin Woody

"I could always count on two things when having Dr. Dunn. One was that he would always have his sprite zero in hand when he came in, and two his great sense of humor. During holocaust bio he would always tell us to hurry up on our quizes in the German language, and I always thought that was so funny . I learned so much from Dr.Dunn. He sparked an interest in me that made me want to continue to learn what he was teaching. I hope I can be even half as great of a teacher as he was." - Alexandira Whitlock

"So sad to hear this. Only had him for one class. Political Science. It was an elective for me but that class gave me a lifelong interest as an observer of politics. RIP Dr. Dunn. You will be missed." - Ronnie Hayes

"Dr. Dunn came to TWC long after this History Major and UMC minister graduated. However, a few years ago he was kind enough to meet with me and my wife-another TWC graduate who has Dunn ancestors. After a very enjoyable and informative visit, he insisted on taking us out to lunch as his guest. I was going to contact him again after reading his latest book. Prayers for all who will miss him." - Mark McKnight

"He was happy that he was able to finish his latest book ... 'The Civil War in Southern Appalachian Methodism.' He got a printed copy from the publisher late last year. Dr. Dunn said it may the best one he has written. His Cades Cove book from 1988 ('Cades Cove: The Life and Death of a Southern Appalachian Community 1818-1937') is still the most popular book UT Press has ever published." - Joseph Kirk

"Dr. Dunn will be greatly missed. As a historian and professor, he lived out his passion and was truly an asset to TWC and the region. Prayers for his family." - Angie Phipps

"Dr. Dunn taught me in the 1980's and my son, Brian in recent years. We both graduated from TWC with much thanks to Dr. Dunn for the knowledge he imparted to us both. Blessings to his family at this time." - Camala LeBaron Flatt

"I have very good memories of Durwood Dunn. He was truly the example of what an excellent professor and mentor is. I enjoyed knowing him and I have very memorable memories of him. I will truly miss him and I know TWC will definitely not be the same. God Bless you and you will be missed." - Michael McNeil

"I will never forget the kindness Dr. Dunn showed me when I transferred from another college to TWC. He always took time out of his busy schedule to talk to me whenever I had a question. He will be missed. Rest in peace, Dr. Dunn." - SA Lunsford

"Dr. Dunn's holocaust class was amazing. I learned so much and enjoyed the readings. I remember I told him I love your holocaust class and he said Nikki that doesn't sound good. Loved his sense of humor. He was an amazing person and I feel so honored to have been in his classes. And those of us who had him are all the better for knowing him! Dr. Dunn will be missed!" - Nikki Littleton

"Sweet precious Dr. Dunn! You will be greatly missed. Can't wait to read your book. Have so many fond memories of your classes (and Drs. Duncan and Barnett!)" - Shannon Ewton Land

Such an intelligent and precious man!!! What a wealth of knowledge that has been taken to heaven!" - Becky Reed

"Dr. Dunn was an awesome teacher and an amazing man. He always took time to talk to his students, never making anyone feel like they were an inconvenience. TWC lost an amazing asset." - Brandi Lange

"Dr. Dunn was a great history teacher. He always pushed you to do your best. He will be missed." - Jane Smith