M351: Linear Algebra & Theory

Here is the realllllllly long version nobody reads: Syllabus.  Students, you'll want the link above.

Topic Assessment Tracker
Here is a link to a means of tracking your topic assessment scores throughout the semester.  If you do not like the format, then please feel free to produce your own.

Class Notes:

Day 1: Wednesday, 11 January
              Home Practice: Section 1.1: Pgs. 9-11: Practice Problems #'s 1-4 and Exercises #'s 1-9 (odds), 15, 19, and 23-25
              ¤ Also, DUE by FRIDAY, 27 January (this counts as a project grade):
              Print the syllabus from the link at the top of the page.  Read it.  With syllabus in hand, stop by my office during my office hours and show me the syllabus.  Please be sure to read the syllabus before stopping by my office.  Grab a seat and plan to spend a few minutes speaking with me.