Helpful Links


Cambridge's University Counselling Services provides a broad array of leaflets ranging from bolstering study skills and preparing for exams to advice on coping with homesickness or loneliness: link.

Math Anxiety

Professor Diane Johnson from Humboldt State University, CA has allowed me to share a literature review she completed on the topic of math anxiety: what it is, causes, effects, and treatment. It is definitely worth reading by students and teachers alike. Here is the link.

Study Skills and Exam Preparedness

There are plenty of web sites that address these topics. Other than the leaflets provided by the link at the top of this page, Paul Dawkins from Lamar University has an excellent site with advice on how to study mathematics, take notes, prepare for exams, etc. This is essential reading for students: link. You will find Imperial College and Reach Out also offer good advice for study habits and ways to prepare for exams. Finally, for a touch of humor, Martin Greenhow of Brunel University offers these tidbits: link.


It is assumed, incorrectly, that students at the college level have a good grasp of homework guidelines for mathematics. For those students needing a refresher, Purplemath offers homework guidelines to help you better communicate with your instructor. This is essential reading for students: link.

Algebra Help

Purplemath to the rescue! This link has further lessons and examples of common algebra topics. SOS Math: Algebra also has many good explanations, examples, and drills/practice problems

More Examples/Explanations

SOS Math is a fantastic resource for students who need help with the subjects of Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, Complex Variables, and Matrix Algebra.

Graphing Calculator Assistance

Prentice Hall has a site with step-by-step directions on how to use the features of most Texas Instruments graphing calculators (for those with TI-84's you can follow the instructions for the TI-83) and a few non-TI graphing calculators like the Casio FX2 and Hewlett-Packard 48G, for example: link.

Wolfram Mathematica Online Integrator

Here is something for those folks wanting to check if they are on the right track with their integration: link. Keep in mind that Wolfram does not include a constant of integration for indefinite integrals.

Wolfram Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine

Wolfram offers a really slick web resource with its search engine extraordinaire. Here is a link to the mathematics examples page: link. This is an excellent resource for students.

Common Math Errors

Please read the web page entitled, "The Most Common Errors in Undergraduate Mathematics." Here is the link. After reading the article, please avoid falling into these traps in your current and future math courses. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions in Math

Here is the link.


Do you want a break from your studies? Here is a link to Shredder Computer Chess daily chess puzzles: link.