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Colligative Properties

Jan.  11 Jan. 12

Kinetics of Unimolecular Reactions

Jan. 18 Jan. 19
Reaction Mechanism

Jan. 25 Jan. 26
Anion I & II
The Law of Mass Action
Feb. 1
Feb. 2
Anion I & II Discover Entropy Feb. 8 Feb. 19
Anion Mixture
Change in the Entropy of the Universe

Feb. 15 Feb. 16
Anion Mixture

Effects of Concentration and Temperature on the Free Energy
Feb. 22
Feb. 23
pH, Acids & Bases
Bronsted Lowery Acids & Bases
Logarithms and pH
Feb. 29 Mar. 1
Group I
Acid Ionization
Adding Base to Nonbuffered and Buffered Solution
Mar. 14
Mar. 15
NO LAB Dr. Baker will be off campus Mar. 21
Mar. 22
Group I
The Zn/Cu Galvanic Cell
Mar. 30
Mar. 31
Group II Apr. 6
Apr. 7
Group II
Nuclear Chemistry
Apr. 13
Apr. 14
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Group II

Apr. 20 Apr. 21
Reading Day

  Apr. 26