Intermediate Studio Methods


 I.            A 311 Intermediate Studio Methods, 3 s.h.; Location: Elliott Hall; Time: TBA

II.            Term/Year: SP '12; Instructor: Julie K. Jack; Office location: Elliott Hall, 301;  Phone #: x5307;

Office Hours: MWF 11-1 E-Mail Website:

III.            Course Description: Prerequisites: 9 s.h. in visual art.  Individualized instruction in practical, fine art studio operations aimed at enhancement of productivity and improved quality of work.

IV.            Course Goals and Objectives/Competencies/Skills: The student will prepare and work on a continuing level in an individual studio space.  The student will maintain the studio in a neat, organized and professional manner.

V.            Course Relationship to Major Program, Departmental, and Institutional Purpose:  This course is provided in order to prepare students for an art minor, individualized major, or for a fine art elective course.

VI.            College Wide Learning Outcomes: The student will use effectively the communication skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  The student will recognize the issues that effect social/political behavior in their historical and cultural perspective.  The student will appreciate the contirbutions of the arts and literature to life enrichment.

VII.            Text: Handouts will be used, primarily.

VIII.            Topics or Units of Instruction: The student will examine and apply the working creative process to contemporary issues.  The instructor will aid the student in studio preparation, execution of goals and exercises, and in the desired finished projects.  The instructor will help the student find the most suitable environment, medium, and sources for him/her.

IX.            Additional Readings: Available upon request.

X.            Methods of Instruction and Modes of Learning: The student will read about various techniques in accordance wit their media.  The student will view images illustrating the work of successful and influential artists. The student will work in class under the instructor’s supervision as well as on their own.  (3 hours per week, not counting class time).  Time sheets will be filled out and evaluated periodically. 

XI.            Course Requirements and Means of Evaluation:   The student’s goals, proficiency, and effective use of space will determine the final grade.  Students will participate in a mid-term and final critique.  Attendance is vital and mandatory.  Students will reduce their grade by one letter with each unexcused absence.  Therefore, four unexcused absences result in automatic failure of the course. 

XII.            Clinical/Lab/Field-Based Experiences:  Students will receive credit for attending gallery openings, museums, or other approved experience.

XIII.            Addendum:  Time sheet

XIV.            Date of Preparation/Revision: 1/12 By: Julie Jack

Mission Statement: In keeping with the spirit of the liberal arts, Tennessee Wesleyan College seeks within the framework of the Judeo-Christian tradition to provide for students the highest quality educational experience, to promote personal responsibility, integrity, and purpose, and to prepare students for a life of leadership and service in an ever changing global community.

Honor Code:  Students will need to write “pledged” on all assignments turned in for grading, indicating compliance with the code as follows: “I pledge, on my honor, to conduct myself with the foremost level of academic integrity”

     Matrix of Relevant Qualifications vs. Course Outcomes



Courses Taught


Expected Course Outcomes


The Student will:

Relevant Qualifications

Coursework in Masters

Coursework in Doctorate



Work Experience

A 311 Intermediate Studio Methods

  • Get experience in practical, fine art studio operations aimed at enhancement of productivity and quality

A required number of hours had to be spent in our studio in order to have a body of work.



Art exhibitions in the US


Art lectures

Have had a studio and created artwork for 20  years.

  • Prepare and work on a continuing level in an individual studio space.

Grad Projects: Fiber

Grad Projects: Printmaking




American and European Museums and Galleries

14yrs teaching experience at TWC

  • Examine and apply the working creative process to contemporary issues.

Grad Fiber Seminar: Environments and Installation



Papers written for presentation at conferences

2 years teaching experience at Judson College