Intermediate Studio Critique



I.            A 312 Intermediate Studio Critique, 3 s.h.; Location: Elliott Hall; Time: TBA

II.            Term/Year: SP '12; Instructor: Julie K. Jack; Office location: Elliott Hall, 301; Phone #: x5307;   Office Hours: 11-1 MWF  E-Mail:; Website:

III.            Course Description: Prerequisites: 9 s.h. visual arts courses.  Individualized instruction in practical, fine art techniques aimed at enhancement of artistic achievement and defense.  This course is designed to be taken with A311, Intermediate Studio Methods

IV.            Course Goals and Objectives/Competencies/Skills: The student will set artistic goals, evaluate work in progress, and present finished work effectively.

V.            Course Relationship to Major Program, Departmental, and Institutional Purpose:  This course is provided in order to prepare students for an art minor, individualized major, or for a fine art elective course.

VI.            Course Relationship to Content Area Knowledge and Skills from the Education Matrices: Development of aesthetic awareness.

VII.            Text: none              VIII.            Topics or Units of Instruction: Examination of artwork, establishing and evaluating goals, experimentation with media, discussion, definition of individualized style, and presentation of finished work.

IX.            Additional Readings: Available upon request.

X.            Methods of Instruction and Modes of Learning: The student will keep a journal including handouts, thoughts, ideas, roughs, etc.  A large 3-ring binder with lab or sketch paper is useful in keeping materials together in a cohesive fashion.  Written explanations of artwork including study of successful artists is required.  Discussions in class about the art pieces produced will take place as well as group critiques.

XI.            Course Requirements and Means of Evaluation:   The student’s goals, proficiency, and craftsmanship will determine the final grade, along with time spent, understanding of course, and an exhibition, when applicable.  Attendance is vital and mandatory.  Students will reduce their grade by one letter with each unexcused absence.  Therefore, four unexcused absences result in automatic failure of the course. 

XII.            Clinical/Lab/Field-Based Experiences:  Students will receive credit for attending gallery openings, museums, or other approved experience.

XIII.            Addendum: Schedule

Matrix of Relevant Qualifications vs. Course Outcomes



Courses Taught


Expected Course Outcomes


The Student will:

Relevant Qualifications

Coursework in Masters

Coursework in Doctorate



Work Experience

A 312 Intermediate Studio Critique

  • Learn practical, fine art techniques aimed at enhancement of artistic achievement and defense. 


Extensive required studio hours




American and European Museums and Galleries


A lifetime of interest in art


2 years teaching experience at Judson College

  • Set artistic goals and evaluate work in progress

Regular visits from artists and faculty   



Papers written for presentation at conferences

Studio time


14yrs teaching experience at TWC

  • Present artwork effectively

Master’s Thesis Exhibition



Art exhibitions in the US


Art lectures

Staying abreast of the latest movements in art



IV.            Date of Preparation/Revision: 1/12  By: Julie Jack