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FSRMC Campus Map  Breaking News - NO PARKING in Lot J.  Effective immediately.

CHECK-IN available January 5, 2015.
Please check-in online through myPortal.  Contact TWC Bookstore to purchase books.


Please be sure you have updated your student profile so a new badge will be issued.  E-mails have been sent with links and dates, etc.

Textbook List and Class Schedule for Spring 2015 is posted.

Parking Reminder:   Parking Map will be distributed at check-in.  1st time - warning; 2nd time - $25 fine; 3rd time - your car will be towed. Don't get towed (at last count it cost over $100 to get your vehicle back!).

Gail's List

I still have a few juniors who need to turn in documentation of their Associate of Science Degree - You know who you are!!!

Course Information & Schedules

The Tentative Schedule for Spring 2015 is as follows:

CLASSES BEGIN Monday, January 12th.
CHECK-IN - available through myPortal January 5th.
COVENANT Badges - update process was to be completed by you by December 12th.

Mondays:  NU 320 8a-11a; NU 312 12n-3p
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays:  Class/Clinical.  See Course Syllabus for specifics.
Friday:  NU 315 8a-10a; NU 310 10:15a-12:15p
Mondays:  NU 430 8a-12n; NU 441 1p-3p
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays:  Clinical.  See Course Syllabus for specifics.
Fridays:  NU 440 8a-10a; NU 441 10:15a-12:15p

Textbook List

Textbook List for Spring 2015

Textbooks costs are now accessible through course details on myPortal.  Click on the course code for the details of the course and you will find a link that reads “Display required textbooks.”  This link will take you to a list of the required textbooks and costs for each - if this doesn't work for you, Contact the TWC Bookstore directly (423-746-5227).

Reading Assignment List

Reading Assignments for First Class - Spring 2015