TWC - Fort Sanders Nursing


***NEW Summer Assignment for Seniors*** - See insert in Newsletter.

Anyone interested in getting a roommate or being a roommate - please let Gail know.

The TWC Bookstore - does not take call in orders any more.  All books should be available by end of July if you want to order online (this is ONLY if you are NOT using a financial aid book vouncher).  The website is:

The Covenant ID Badge portal for fall badges will not open until July 20th.  (Sorry for the confusion.)

Fall Check-in  All students
Wednesday, August 12th, in the Townsend Auditorium at the TWC Campus in Athens.
12-1pm - All Students
1p-2p - New Junior Students (Seniors may begin check-in at 1p)

Junior Orientation - New Junior Students
Friday, August 14th at the TWC Knoxville Instructional Site in Classroom 4
9a-3p - Lunch will be provided.

Reminder - Please have official transcripts sent to Nursing Department for Spring & Summer Classes.

Textbook List and Class Schedule for Fall 2015 are posted.

Parking Reminder:   Parking Map will be distributed at check-in.  1st time - warning; 2nd time - $25 fine; 3rd time - your car will be towed. Don't get towed (at last count it cost over $100 to get your vehicle back!).

If your CPR will expire prior to August, you will need to be re-certified.  Turn in copy of new card by August 1st.
Also, please update your Covenant ID Badge by August 1st (instructions being mailed).
Clinical Orientation CBLs, in Sakai, must be complete by August 17th.

Physicals, immunizations, drug screens, criminal background checks, CPR, etc. - all DUE BY JULY 15th.
Register and apply for your Covenant ID Badge by August 1st (instructions being mailed).

Return your NSNA Application, Vehicle Information, Directory Information (being mailed) to Gail by August 1st.

Course Information & Schedules

The Tentative Schedule for Fall 2015 is as follows:

CLASSES BEGIN Monday, August 17th.
CHECK-IN - Wednesday, August 12th at the Main Campus
COVENANT Badges - Seniors - (update your facility and semester by August 1st); New Juniors - I will be sending information soon on the process.

Mondays:  NU 303 8a-11a; NU 301 12n-2p; NU 306 2:15p-4:15p
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays:  Class/Clinical.  See Course Syllabus for specifics.
Friday:  NU 300 8a-10a; NU 301 10:15a-12:15p
Mondays:  NU 420 8a-11a; NU 412 12n-3p
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays:  Clinical.  See Course Syllabus for specifics.
Fridays:  NU 405 8a-10a; NU 415 10:15a-12:15p

Textbook List

***NEW SUMMER Purchase for Seniors***
HESI/Saunders Online Review for NCLEX-RN - Assignments for June/July (see insert in Newsletter)

Textbook List for Fall 2015

Textbooks costs are now accessible through course details on myPortal.  Click on the course code for the details of the course and you will find a link that reads “Display required textbooks.”  This link will take you to a list of the required textbooks and costs for each.  All books should be available for purchase by the end of July.  If you wish to order online, go to  to order (this is only if you are not getting a financial aid book voucher).....

Reading Assignment List

Reading Assignments for first few classes - Fall 2015