Active Listening

Listening is not the same as hearing.  Listening involves comprehension.  An active listener concentrates on and reacts to a speaker's message.  Hearing is passive.  A passive listener hears the message but lets his mind wander.  He watches people, notices the way they dress and act, socializes with friends, and makes lunch plans.

In nursing school, it is imperative that you be an active listener.  You must pay attention because you will be responsible for knowing these facts when you care for patients in the clinical area.

Strategies for Active Listening

    Listen for the main idea and major details                                               

 Improve your Listening

    Focus attention - look directly at instructor

    Ask questions and listen for answers

    Sit in front of the classroom to increase concentration


Benefits of Active Listening

    Get more out of class lectures

    Take better notes

    Be actively involved in your own success in nursing school


Reference:  Meltzer, M. & Palau, S. (1993).  Reading and study strategies for nursing students.  Philadelphia, PA: W. B. Saunders Company.