Diane Klein

Associate Professor & Chair
Exercise & Sports Sciences

Office:  A-4 Fowler Hall (Basement)

EMAIL:  dklein@twcnet.edu
Phone: 423-252-1113
FAX #:  423-744-9968

Campus Address:
    204 East College Street
    Athens, TN  37303

Educational History:
in Exercise & Wellness (graduate certificate in Gerontology), Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ)
M.P.H. in Community Health Education, The University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
M.S. in Technology in Health Care & Applied Mathematics/Computer Science, Washington University (St. Louis, MO) 
A.B. in Mathematics, The University of Missouri (Columbia, MO)

Courses Taught:
HE 161: Public Health & Environment
PE 316: Assessment & Exercise Prescription
PE 411: Test & Measurement for PE & Recreation
PE 421: Physiology of Exercise
PE 422: Applied Exercise Physiology
PE 436: Therapeutic Exercise
PE 460: Review Course for ACE Personal Trainer Certification
PE 499: Exercise Science Internships
Various Special Topics in Epidemiology, Aging & Physical Activity, Research

Publications: (last 5 years)
    Refereed Journals -

  • Bergman RJ, Bassett DR, Klein DA.  (2008).  Assessing the validity of two pedometers in measuring steps taken by older adults residing in assisted-living facilities. Journal for Physical Activity and Health, 5(Supplement), S166-S175.
  •  Fitzhugh EC, Klein DA, Hayes G,.  (2008).  Leisure-time physical activity participation among older adults: Implications for certified therapeutic recreation specialists.; Annual in Therapeutic Recreation, 16:117-128.
  •  McGuire SL, Klein DA, Chen SL.  (2008).  Ageism revisited: A study measuring ageism in East Tennessee, USA; Nursing and Health Sciences, 10:11-16.
  •  Klein DA, Burr LR, Stone WJ.  (2005).  “Making Physical Activity Stick: What Can We Learn from Regular Exercisers?” ACSM Journal of Health & Fitness, 9(4):19-25.
  •  Klein, DA, Council KJ, McGuire, SL. (2005).  “Education to Promote Positive Attitudes About Aging”.  Educational Gerontology, 31:591-601.
  • McGuire SL, Klein DA, Couper D.  (2005).  “Aging Education: A National Imperative”.  Educational Gerontology, 31:443-460.

   Other Published Works -

  • Klein DA, McGuire SL.  (2009).  “Combatting Ageism: If It’s Not Your Issue…It Will Be!” (Aging Well – a Magazine for Professionals Promoting Positive Aging).
  • Klein DA, McGuire SL.  (2009).  “Fallproofing: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Your Clients” (Aging Well – a Magazine for Professionals Promoting Positive Aging).
  • Klein DA.  (2007).  “Exercise Adherence: What Works, What Doesn’t!”  ACSM Fit Society Page, Fall 2007.  (Invited article)

Awards & Honors:
- Developer of "ABC" Exercise Program for Older Adults
   - VIP Member of Cambridge Who's Who for Executives

   - Personal webpage for Klein Consulting