Web Links: Secession, Civil War and Reconstruction


Secession Crisis

PBS website on abolitionist radical John Brown

Washington Univ. website on the landmark 1857 Dred Scot Supreme Court case

Dred Scot case opinions (supporting and dissenting) (Touro Univ. Law School web page)


Civil War

Extensive website on the effect of the Civil War on 2 American communities-- Augusta County, Virginia & Franklin County, Pennsylvania (this University of Virginia site includes letters, diaries, newspapers, speeches and church records)

Renowned photographer Matthew Brady's images

Civil War photographs (Library of Congress)



The Homefront during the Civil War

Three Women's Letters During the Civil War (Tennessee & Maryland)
Walt Whitman's "O Captain! My Captain!" (a poetic tribute to the death of Abraham Lincoln)


Black Reconstruction

Ku Klux Klan victim testimony before 1871 Congressional hearings
Former slave Jourdan Anderson's defiant letter to his old slave master