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1960 Politics

1960 JFK Campaign flyer

JFK Inaugural Address

JFK speeches

JFK correspondence with girl concerned that Soviet nuclear bomb testing at the North Pole would harm Santa Claus

1960 Nixon Campaign Memorabilia

 President Lyndon Johnson's 1964 speech to Congress announcing War on Poverty

 Lyndon Johnson's controversial 1964 "Daisy Girl" campaign commercial featuring an atomic bomb explosion


Robert F. Kennedy

RFK speech honoring his late brother at the 1964 Democratic national convention.  Many analysts noted the lengthy ovation he received as a sign that the Kennedy mantle had now passed to him  (with audio)
Famous RFK 1966 speech on human rights in South Africa
RFK speech announcing his 1968 presidential candidacy
RFK speech on the night of MLK's assassination in inner-city Indianapolis (video)
Ted Kennedy's 1968 eulogy at RFK's funeral (including video)
More RFK speeches (with audio)


1960s Activism & Unrest

Port Huron Statement, manifesto for the Student Movement
Primary Documents on 1960s activism (UVA's "The Sixties Project")
1960 Sharon Statement of the conservative student group, Young Americans for Freedom
 Report from Kerner Commission, which investigated the causes of the 1967 Detroit riot
See Also Web Links Page on the African American Freedom Struggle


1960s Culture

Francois Truffaut's 1954 "A Certain Tendency of the French Cinema" article, which was influential in French New Wave cinema, which in turn inspired late 1960s and early 1970s "New Auteur" films in the United States


Vietnam War

1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which began the U.S.' firm commitment to the Vietnam War
War Resolution for 2003 Iraqi War (passed October 2002)  (for purposes of comparison)
PBS Vietnam website on the My Lai Massacre
President Lyndon Johnson's April 1965 statement announcing the first and fateful commitment of real combat troops to Vietnam
Weaponry of the Vietnam War (PBS website)
Who's Who Index of People involved with Vietnam War  (PBS website)
New York Times Retrospective on the Vietnam War



1968 Kerner Commission Report on Urban Riots


Watergate Scandal

"Smoking Gun" conversation, June 23, 1972, as Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman and President Richard Nixon plot alleged obstruction of justice to attempt to halt the FBI's Watergate investigation (includes rare audio recording as well as transcript)
An unused Nixon speech, which would have been used if he decided not to resign in August 1974
Image of Nixon's letter resigning the presidency, August 1974
Nixon's presidential resignation speech (including an audio clip of the speech), August 1974
Nixon Administration "Plumbers Unit Documents"
The "Huston Plan" for domestic surveillance during the Nixon administration
A photographic collection chronicling the inside of the Nixon administration,
including its slow decay during the Watergate crisis


1970s Politics

Pres. Jimmy Carter's famous "Crisis of Confidence" speech to the nation, July 1979 (also called by critics the "malaise" speech)  (includes video & text)


1970s Culture

Link to 1970s Lyrics

Fan site for The Ramones

official website for Bruce Springsteen, with a number of links (including lyrics & audio clips)

1970s Fashion