Stories of Freedom: Civil Rights Movement Biography


The Civil Rights Movement still ranks as one of the most extraordinary stories of the American twentieth century (quite possibly of American history overall).  Very few things turned southern society-- and America in general-- upside down so significantly.  Southern history might still be marked (in much the same way as the Civil War itself) as “before and after” the revolution in civil rights of the 1950s and 1960s.  It was so significant that it has even had international implications.  Countless freedom movements across the world have taken inspiration by what occurred here in southern communities half a century ago.  This American story is made all the more amazing by the people who created it.  Civil rights leaders were among the most disenfranchised, isolated, downtrodden Americans of their time; and, yet they radically altered America forever.  They were also ordinary people doing quite extraordinary things.  As one of those activists later claimed, “We started with nothing.  We had nothing.  And, we changed the world with nothing.”  These are the stories we will tell– African American and white, male and female, journalist and activist, politician and foot soldier.