About the Professor

Dr. Chris Schutz

Dr. Schutz (left), during his early days as a crime fighter


Born and raised in New Orleans, Dr. Chris Schutz graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy from Loyola University, and then went off to California as part of a religious volunteer program called the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (volunteers work in a community service agency for room and board and small monthly stipend). Schutz served two years in the program (the first in southern California running a county-wide food distribution program for low-income seniors, and the second working for an AIDS agency in Oakland). After completing his service there, he spent four and a half years as a lay chaplain to incarcerated youth in the Oakland area juvenile halls. He and his wife then moved back to the South, and he began graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After completing a master's degree in American history there, he moved on to attain his Ph.D. at the University of Georgia in 1999. For six months of that time, Schutz also worked as a researcher on a Watergate documentary, reporting to former Nixon administration chief domestic adviser, John Ehrlichman.

After teaching an additional year at UGA, Dr. Schutz took his current position as Associate Professor of History at Tennessee Wesleyan College in 2000. Dr. Schutz's specialty is the Civil Rights Movement and social and cultural history of the 1960s and 1970s.

He is the author of the article "The Burning of America: Race, Radicalism, and the Charlotte Three Trial in 1970s North Carolina." (North Carolina Historical Review, January 1999), and is currently under contract for two books. "Going to Hell to Get the Devil": The 1972 Charlotte Three Trial and the Fate of the Freedom Struggle in a Sunbelt City (now under contract with LSU Press) probes the question of the causes of the Civil Rights Movement's decline through the prism of a controversial 1972 trial against Black Power activists. A Burden Borne: The Life and Times of Jackie Robinson is forthcoming with Ivan R. Dee Press.

Dr. Schutz teaches a variety of courses on American history (particularly on aspects of the twentieth century) including "The Reagan Revolution," "'Like Writing History with Lightning': History of American Cinema," "The Rise and Fall of American Liberalism: 1960-1980," "'Consensus America': U.S. History, 1945-1960," and "Stories of Freedom: Civil Rights Movement Biography."

He now resides in the hills of Chattanooga with his wife, where is an avid bicyclist (resulting in the urban legend of his hitting a dog with his bike).



Schutz & his cycling proteges at a 2005 bike race



Schutz & son with cycling legend & Schutz family icon Tyler Hamilton