Bulldog Classic 5k and 1-mile Color Run Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to check-in or register? Registration will be at Townsend Hall (just off College Street). If you have not already pre-registered, go ahead and complete this form (link to be active soon) to make things quicker for you on race day. 

Where is Townsend Hall?  There will be an open house on campus during race day events. Follow the sound of music to our Registration desk in front of Townsend Auditorium.

Where will the race begin? The 5k will begin behind the gym and the Color Run will begin near the main entrance and Durham Hall. Don't worry, we will announce the race prior to their beginnings and direct you to the starting line. You can see the entire course map for the Bulldog Classic 5k and 1-mile Color Run. (Map links to be posted soon.)

How many people will be at the race tommorrow? We don't know! Anyone can walk-in on race day, so it is hard to predict. Right now, we are expecting 50-75 people for each event. 

Who will be working this race? Tennessee Wesleyan College Exercise and Sports Sciences students have organized and hosted this race for the past 15 years. The interesting part is that very few of them do it more than once, so each year a new group of students host the race. It is a great learning experience for everyone and we appreciate you understanding that though we want this race to be done the right way, we are not yet professionals. This year, we also have some 4H students working with us as well! All workers will have florescent yellow shirts. You will know us when you see us!

What do I need for the color run? A fun attitude! We reccomend wearing goggles or sunglasses since the powder flies in the wind and may be unpredictable. We hope to give everyone a white logo t-shirt to wear in the run, but if you haven't pre-registered, it may be a good idea to wear a white shirt in case t-shirt supplies run out. Also, don't wear other clothes that you love. They will be colorful after the race. 

Will the 5k be professionally timed?  No, since this is a student-led fundraiser, we use the best free/accessible timing methods we can find. This year, we will be using an app, ripping off bib numbers, and recording runners as they finish. We recommend that you also keep your own time, though we will post our "official" times.

Why are there so many hills in your course?  Because as much as we try, we cannot get away from the hills in Athens. 

We hope this helps you plan your race morning a little better. As usual, we really are not sure how many people to expect, but we will work furiously to ensure that pre-registered runners have a smooth check-in process and that any walk-ins are registered quickly. Thanks for your support of our event! 

TWC Bulldog Classic Staff