Tennessee Wesleyan College is now offering the opportunity for giving to the college to be automatically debited from checking or savings accounts.

The Benefits of the TWC AMP:

TWC AMP is convenient, easy and time saving. Forget about writing and mailing in checks. With an automatic payment plan, your contributions are made safely and quickly to TWC’s bank. A monthly transfer between your checking or savings account and TWC’s bank will be a hassle-free way to take care of your giving to Tennessee Wesleyan.

TWC AMP is a better way to budget your contribution. With an automatic payment, it’s easier to plan your annual giving amounts.

TWC AMP spreads out your gift to the college. The assurance of your committed monthly amount allows Tennessee Wesleyan to make more informed decisions regarding college funds for scholarships, academics and other funding areas.

Tennessee Wesleyan College Automatic Monthly Partner Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs? Enrolling in TWC AMP does not cost any fees or hidden charges to you or your checking or savings account.

When will my gift be transferred from my account? Your gift to Tennessee Wesleyan College will be transferred on the 5th day of each month. The transfer will appear on your statement and you will be mailed a receipt.

How do I change or cancel my enrollment in TWC AMP? You can easily change your gift amount or cancel the service by notifying TWC by mail, fax or email. Allow 30 days for processing. For questions call 423-746-5330.

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TWC Automatic Monthly Partner Plan

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