TWC Social Media Survey

Welcome to the Tennessee Wesleyan College
Alumni and Development Survey!

Legal Message
This page introduces the survey and also is the consent form.

You are invited to voluntarily participate in a survey to assess the benefits of social networks, particularly Facebook, on the alumni and development efforts of institutions of higher education. We are asking for your help because you are an alumnus of Tennessee Wesleyan College and you use the Internet to receive communication from your alma mater.

If you agree to participate, your participation will involve completing this short survey which should take no longer than 5-7 minutes of your time. You may choose not to answer some or all of the questions. You may leave the survey at any time before completing it. Your name will not appear on your completed survey and no identifying information is being collected.  The survey is hosted on a secure server and only the principal investigator has access to the survey data.

You can begin the survey, pause and return later to finish, if you wish.

Though no known psychological, legal, physical or social harm or discomfort is expected to be experienced by respondents during this survey, any risk involved in participating in this study is minimal and probably limited to the reaction one might have when responding to a survey about alumni activities and social networking behavior.

There is no cost to you except your time and you are not compensated monetarily or otherwise for participation in this study.

The potential benefits include improving electronic communication between Tennessee Wesleyan College and its graduates by enhancing social networking methods.

You can obtain further information from the principal investigator at 423.457.4579 or or Dr. Pam Gray at or 931.221.7244. If you have questions concerning your rights as a research subject, you may call the Austin Peay State University Institutional Review Board - Dr. Doris Davenport, Chair, at or 931.221.7467.

Please print a copy of this page for your records. Below you will find  the survey. By continuing it indicates that you have read this form and that you consent to participating in the survey.

Thank you for your participation in this project. Your responses are appreciated.

TWC Social Media Survey - Demographic Information

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Social Networking Usage




Blog (Blogger,eBlog, etc.)




Relationship with Tennessee Wesleyan College

Alumni magazine

College/University Website


Social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, etc.)

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Telephone (phonathon,etc)