Graduate Students


Tennessee Wesleyan College is now a graduate degree granting institution. Within the coming months and years, the college will begin to add new master's programs to its graduate curriculum. The college currently offers a Master of Science in Curriculum Leadership, a program that trains future academic leaders, producing teachers and leaders who will be competent professionals, service-oriented individuals and reflective practitioners.

Programs of Study:

Master of Science in Curriculum Leadership

M501 Research  Design and Statistics - 3 s.h.
ED 512 Finance, Facilities, and Personnel - 3 s.h.
ED 520 Foundations of School Leadership - 3 s.h.
ED 523 Current Trends and Issues in Leadership - 3 s.h.
ED 530 Curriculum Leadership and Evaluation - 3 s.h.
ED 543 Partnerships in Education - 3 s.h.
ED 555 School Law - 3 s.h.
ED 566 Multicultural Education - 3 s.h.
ED 571 Action Research - 3 s.h.
ED 580 Administrative Internship - 3 s.h.

Total: 30 credit hours

How do I apply? 

  • Step 1  Complete and submit application to TWC with non-refundable $50 Application Fee

  • Step 2  Submit official transcripts from degree granting institution

  • Step 3  Submit all GRE or MAT scores from the last five years

  • Step 4  Submit three letters of recommendation (One can be from TWC Education Dept.)

  • Step 5  Comply with a background check

Application  |  M.S. in Curriculum Leadership Degree Guide


Please submit all documents to:
Tennessee Wesleyan College
ATTN: Graduate Admissions
204 East College Street
Athens, TN 37303