Special Education

Requirements for the B.S. In Special Education Mild To Moderate Disabilities K-12
The major in Special Education has a strong background in psychology. Individuals interested in this major will become knowledgeable in how to work with both gifted and challenged students from kindergarten through the twelfth grade.

Effective spring 2011, this major provides the route to teacher licensure in Special Education K-12 Mild to Moderate Disabilities).

Requirements for the Major in Special Education K-12 Mild to Moderate Disabilities
(36 semester hours)
PY 231 Developmental Psychology I 3 s.h.
PY 251 Developmental Psychology II 3 s.h.
PY 311 Abnormal Psychology 3 s.h.
PY 321 Theories of Personality 3 s.h.
PY 331 Physiological Psychology 3 s.h.
M 355 Math for Elementary School Teachers or
M 356 Math for Elementary School Teachers II 3 s.h.
SE 324 Special Education Methods 3 s.h.
SE 330 Nature and Characteristics of Individuals
with Mild/Moderate Disabilities 3 s.h.
SE 356 Assessment 3 s.h.
SE 360 Behavior Intervention and Management 3 s.h.
SE 375 Collaboration/Planning 3 s.h.
SE 401 Adaptive Environment 3 s.h.

Those students wishing to be licensed to teach must also complete the Enhanced ACR II and the following professional education courses.

Special Education Mild to Moderate Disabilities K-12
ED 110 Introduction to Teaching 3 s.h.
ED 201 Educational Psychology 3 s.h.
ED 230 Instructional Technology 1 s.h.
ED 320 Survey of Exceptional Children 2 s.h.
ED 340 Teaching Reading 2 s.h.
SE 414 Gifted and Talented 3 s.h.
SE 425 Inclusive Classroom 3 s.h.
ED 435 Policies/Law 3 s.h.
ED 460 Student Teaching K-12 12s.h.
ED 475 Student Teaching Seminar 3 s.h.
35 s.h.