Religion and Philosophy

The Department of Religion and Philosophy believes that the study of religion and philosophy can free the student from a superficial view of self and society. It can help the student become more aware of limits and possibilities and may even assist in gaining insights that may change his or her life. Departmental members encourage students to feel sensitively and to think carefully with others, past and present, who can aid in learning what it means to live as a human being today, with careful attention to the life and teachings of Christ.

To assist those who want to make these discoveries and to meet vocational needs, the Department offers basic, intermediate, and advanced courses on a wide range of topics. Through flexible and individualized studies, the student can pursue his or her own interests. Through practice, the student can become increasingly able to put to work in concrete situations the knowledge and skills that he or she is gaining. The Department offers majors in the Church Vocations and the Pre-seminary major.

Requirements for the B.S. in Church Vocations
In order to major in a church vocations, the student shall complete the Core Religious
Studies Course and one or more of the following areas: Church School Education,
Church Camps and Recreation, Church Business Management, Youth Ministry.

Core Religious Studies Course (24 semester hours)
CV 225 Introduction to Church Vocations 3 s.h.
CV 227 Ministry Settings and Issues 3 s.h.
CV 325, 327 Church Vocations Practicum I, II 6 s.h.
R Electives in Religion 6 s.h.
R Biblical Courses 6 s.h.

Church School Education (19 semester hours)
ED 110 Introduction to Teaching 3 s.h.
ED 201 Educational Psychology 3 s.h.
ED 320 Survey of Exceptional Children 2 s.h.
ED 419 Classroom Management 2 s.h.
HS 231 Introduction Human Services 3 s.h.
HS 333 Human Services Skills 3 s.h.
PY 231 Developmental Psychology I 3 s.h.

Church Camps and Recreation (22 semester hours)
HE 161 Environment and Public Health 3 s.h.
HE 162 Personal Health and Drug Abuse 3 s.h.
HE 263 Nutrition for Sports & Fitness 3 s.h.
HE 264 Safety Education and First Aid 3 s.h.
PE 303 Lifetime & Team Sports 3 s.h.
PE 307 Movement Education 3 s.h.

Choose two electives from the following:
PE 308 Activities for Children (3)
PE 365 Adaptive PE (3)
PE 375 Camping and Outdoor Recreation (2) 5-6 s.h

Church Business Management (21 semester hours)
BA 201, 202 Principles of Accounting I, II 6 s.h.
BA 315 Business Communications 3 s.h.
BA 321 Principles of Management 3 s.h.
BA 421 Human Resources Management 3 s.h.
BA Business Elective (must be approved by department) 3 s.h.
CA 218 Intro to Microcomputer Applications 3 s.h.

Youth Ministry Emphasis (20-23 semester hours)
PY 231, 251 Developmental Psychology I, II 6 s.h.
or ED 201 Educational Psychology 3 s.h.
PY/SO 261 Social Psychology 3 s.h.
PY 321 Theories of Personality 3 s.h.
PY 341 Group Dynamics 3 s.h.
SO 204 Social Problems 3 s.h..
ED 320 Survey of Exceptional Children 2 s.h.
ED 385 Methods of Teaching in Grades 7 -12 3 s.h.

Requirements for the B.A. in Pre-Seminary (57 semester hours which includes ACR
requirements). This major also requires the proficiency of a foreign language at the
intermediate level.
English 12 s.h.
Social Science
Psychology 6 s.h.
Six (6) additional hours from Sociology,
Political Science, Economics, Education 6 s.h.
History 6 s.h.
Philosophy 6 s.h.
Religion 9 s.h.
12 semester hours at the 300-400 level
from these disciplines: English, Psychology,
History, Philosophy, Religion 12 s.h.

A minor in Religion consists of 18 semester hours, distributed as follows:
R 101 Introduction to the Bible 3 s.h.
R 100 The Christian Faith 3 s.h.
or R 211 Christianity and the Social Order 3 s.h.
R 207 World Religions 3 s.h.
R Additional Religion courses at
the 300-400 level 9 s.h