The Fort Sanders Nursing Department at Tennessee Wesleyan College prepares individuals at the baccalaureate level to assume professional roles and responsibilities in health care as registered nurses. A broad foundation of science and humanities provides a basis for nursing theory and clinical practice. The curriculum is organized into eight semesters (4 semesters for general education and 4 semesters for upper division nursing courses) for a total of 126 semester hours, with 62 hours of general education course credits and 64 hours of nursing major credits. In addition to the tradition BSN program, Wesleyan also offers an Online RN to BSN for nurses returning to school to receive their BSN's.

Requirements for the B.S. in Nursing
TWC 101 Orientation (TWC 101 and 102) 2 s.h
(waived for 15+ transfer hours)**
E 101,102 English Composition 6 s.h.
M 132 Statistics 3 s.h.
Literature elective 3 s.h.
Literature or Foreign Language elective 3 s.h.
Math elective (excluding DSM) 3 s.h.
SO 101 or SO 204 Social Problems 3 s.h.
PY 101 Psychology 3 s.h.
H 204, 205 U.S. History
or H 101,102 Western Civilization 6 s.h.
MU 207 Music Appreciation
or A 111 Art Appreciation or
or TH 104 Intro to Theater 3 s.h.
SP 101 Speech 3 s.h.
Ethics, Philosophy or UD Religion 3 s.h.
Religion elective 3 s.h.
N 126 Nutrition 3 s.h.
Chemistry w/Lab 4 s.h.
B 165 Microbiology 4 s.h.
B 155, 156 Anatomy and Physiology I, II 8 s.h.

**The course is waived as a requirement but not the hour(s). This hour is needed to reach the 62 semester hour requirement.

Nursing Curriculum
*One semester credit hour is equivalent to a minimum of 15 hours of classroom instruction or 45 hours of supervised laboratory/clinical experience. Most nursing courses include a theory and clinical component.

Junior Year
NU 300 Foundations of Nursing 6 s.h.
NU 301 Pharmacology 4 s.h.
NU 303 Health Assessment 4 s.h.
NU 306 Role Preparation 2 s.h.
Total: 16 s.h.

NU 310 Psych/Mental Health Nursing 4 s.h.
NU 312 Maternal/Newborn Nursing 5 s.h.
NU 315 Professional Issues 2 s.h.
NU 320 Adult Health Nursing I 5 s.h.
Total: 16 s.h.

Senior Year
NU 405 Research in Nursing 2 s.h.
NU 412 Pediatric Nursing 5 s.h.
NU 415 Community Health Nursing 4 s.h.
NU 420 Adult Health Nursing II 5 s.h.
Total: 16 s.h.

NU 430 Advanced Nursing 6 s.h.
NU 440 Leadership/Management 6 s.h.
NU 441 Nursing Synthesis 4 s.h.
Total: 16 s.h.

Tennessee Wesleyan College's nursing program is located at the college's Knoxville instructional site at 9845 Cogdill Drive, Knoxville, TN 37932. For more information call 865.777.5100.


Curriculum for Registered Nurses returning for a BSN (Online RN to BSN)
The Nursing Department also offers an online program for the RN returning for a BSN. The requirements for admission to Tennessee Wesleyan College and application to the Nursing Department are the same as for the generic student. Registered Nurses returning to school for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing usually complete the 62 semester hours of prerequisite general education courses and hold a current Tennessee registered nurse license prior to beginning the upper division nursing courses. RNs who have graduated from a non-NLNAC/CCNE accredited school will be required to validate prior learning by ACT-PEP nursing exams.

RN to BSN Curriculum Plan
NU 305 Transition to Prof. Nursing 3 s.h.

NU 301 Pharmacology* 4 s.h.
NU 303 Health Assessment* 4 s.h.
NU 405 Research in Nursing 2 s.h.
NU 415 Community Health Nursing 4 s.h.
Total: 14 s.h.

NU 315 Professional Issues 2 s.h.
NU 431 Advanced Nursing* 4 s.h.
NU 440 Leadership/Mgmt. 6 s.h.
NU 441 Nursing Synthesis 4 s.h.
Total:16 s.h.

Required: 33 semester hours
*May be challenged (Up to 12 hours at a rate of $100 per semester hour); See RN Challenge Exam section in this catalog.

An RN student returning to school full-time could complete the requirements in two semesters and one summer session. Students unable to attend full-time will have some part time options. Also, students will have the opportunity to challenge Pharmacology, Health Assessment, and Advanced Nursing.

In the event that RN students transfer a three-hour Pharmacology and/or Assessment course, an Independent Study for Nursing course of 1-4 credit hours, or another TWC non-nursing elective may be taken in order to meet residency requirements. Transition to Professional Nursing, a three-hour course, must be taken for official admission to the Nursing Department. Other required courses can be scheduled at the convenience of students. RNs entering the program will have previous work placed in escrow until they have demonstrated competency in the following courses: Transition to Professional Nursing, Pharmacology, and Health Assessment. Upon demonstrating competency in the identified courses, the RN’s coursework will be removed from escrow and assigned 31 semester credit hours bringing the RN’s total credit hours to 64, which is equal to those required for the generic student.

Tennessee Wesleyan College's nursing program is located at the college's Knoxville instructional site at 9845 Cogdill Drive, Knoxville, TN 37932. For more information call Nancy Ferguson at 865-777-5100 or email nferguson@twcnet.edu