B.A. or B.S. in Chemistry

Students may pursue either the B.A. or B.S. in chemistry. Required chemistry courses are identified for both programs, but the B.A. requires the student to demonstrate knowledge of at least one foreign language at the intermediate level.

The major in Chemistry requires 40 to 41 semester hours in Chemistry courses including:
C 101, 102       General Chemistry I and II               8 s.h.
C 201, 202       Organic Chemistry I and II               8 s.h.
C 331               Quantitative Analysis                      5 s.h.
C 333               Instrumental Analysis                      4 s.h.
C 431, 432       Physical Chemistry I and II              8 s.h.
C 471               Seminar in Chemistry                      2 s.h.

Choose two of the following courses:
C 351              Coordination Chemistry                   3 s.h.
C 362              Biochemistry                                    4 s.h.
C 450              Polymer Chemistry                           3 s.h.

Additional requirements:
P 211, 212     General Physics I and II                     8 s.h.

B.S. in Chemistry with Pre-Professional Studies Emphasis

This emphasis is designed to provide students with a foundation in the sciences that should prepare them to apply to a professional school in the health field (dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, etc.) The interested student should consult with a prospective professional school to ensure that all prerequisite courses are completed.

The emphasis requires 37 to 39 hours in Chemistry including:
C 101, 102     General Chemistry I, and II             8 s.h.
C 201, 202     Organic Chemistry I and II              8 s.h.
C 331             Quantitative Analysis                     5 s.h.
C 333             Instrumental Analysis                     4 s.h.
C 362             Biochemistry                                  4 s.h.
C 471             Seminar in Chemistry                     2 s.h.

Choose two of the following courses:
C 351            Inorganic Chemistry                       3 s.h.
C 431            Physical Chemistry I                        4 s.h.
C 432            Physical Chemistry II                       4 s.h.
C 450            Polymer Chemistry                          3 s.h.

Additional requirements:
B 171, 172   General Biology I and II                     8 s.h.
B 271           Seminar in Pre-Prof. Studies            1 s.h.
P 211, 212   General Physics I, II                          8 s.h.
M 181, 182   Calculus I, II                                      8 s.h

B.S. in General Science/Chemistry

This major provides students with an introduction to the fundamental principles of Chemistry. The person electing this major could be licensed to teach science in grades 6-8, and chemistry in grades 9 through 12. Students wishing to be licensed to teach must complete the Enhanced ACR II and 39 semester hours of professional education as listed under the education major in the College's annual catalog. A minor in biology, mathematics or business administration is recommended if a student is not being licensed to teach.

This major requires 54 to 55 semester hours of course work as follows:
C 101, 102   General Chemistry I and II                  8 s.h.
C 201, 202   Organic Chemistry I and II                  8 s.h.
C 331           Quantitative Analysis                          5 s.h.
C 333           Instrumental Analysis                          4 s.h.
C 362*          Biochemistry                                       4 s.h. 
  or C 351     Coordination Chemistry                      3 s.h. 
or C 450     Polymer Chemistry                              3 s.h.
B 171           General Biology I and II                       8 s.h.
B 360           Principles of Ecology                           4 s.h.
P 211, 212   General Physics I and II                       8 s.h.
M 141, 142   Pre-Calculus Mathematics I and II       6 s.h.
*Required for those students who wish to be licensed to teach.

Minor in Chemistry

C 101        General Chemistry I                                4 s.h.
C 102        General Chemistry II                               4 s.h.
C Any additional 12 semester hours in Chemistry at or above the 200 level 12 s.h