International Studies

Broadly-based and interdisciplinary, the B.A. in International Studies is offered under the auspices of the English and Foreign Languages Department and is designed for those students with aspirations toward careers in both the private and public sectors that require sensitivity to, and knowledge of, international concerns.

With coursework in the liberal arts, one or more foreign languages, and other areas, this major blends concentrations on traditional knowledge, critical and creative thinking skills, and practical training to give students a strong foundation for careers in various international professions. For the religion/philosophy portion of the All College Requirements, R 207 (World Religions) is recommended. For the Behavioral Science portion, SO 101 is recommended (as a prerequisite to SO 301: Race and Ethnicity). Proficiency at the 202 level in at least one foreign language is required; additional study in a second foreign language is recommended.

Liberal Studies Emphasis:
This emphasis provides a foundation for careers in international relations,
international law, government, the travel industry, and higher education. A variety of
course combinations is available, but 30 hours of upper-level courses are required.

E 201 & E 202 Literature of the Western World I & II 6 s.h.
H 101 & H 102 Western Heritage I & II 6 s.h.
H 107 & H 108 World Geography: A Historical Perspective I & II 6 s.h.
SO 301 Race and Ethnicity
or PY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 s.h.
Language Study (Abroad) at 300-400 level 6 s.h.
H 310, H 311 History of Modern Europe I & II 6 s.h.
H 461 Seminar in History or English at the 400-level 3 s.h.
E 336, E 337 Survey of British Literature I & II 6 s.h.
Electives at 300 or 400 level in English, history, religion, fine arts,
psychology, sociology, business, etc.(in accordance with the student’s
interests or career aspirations) 9 s.h.
Total: 51 s.h.