Student Information

All students enroll in TWC 101/102 Freshman Experience during their first year at Tennessee Wesleyan. During the fall semester, students will learn about a variety of resources at TWC that will help them be as successful as possible as they transition to the collegiate atmosphere. During the spring semester, students will participate in their first Service-Learning projects, connecting with the Athens community as a team to make a big difference in our small town. At the end of the first year, students will apply to participate in the Servant Leadership Honors Program or pursue the Service-Learning Track.

Servant Leadership Honors Program

Students selected for the Servant Leadership Honors Program will earn the Servant Leaders Honor seal on their diploma. Students in this program will complete three Servant Leadership Honors courses that study the importance of quality leadership through some of the college’s most rigorous courses while also serving as student leaders through a variety of opportunities. Students will witness, practice, and understand leadership. Thus, the program can make a practical difference in participants’ lives, in addition to a theoretical one. These students can make tangible impacts in the communities where our students live and in which the college seeks to serve.

Service-Learning Program

Students pursuing the Service-Learning Program will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of service opportunities on- and off-campus. Students utilizing this option may choose to complete at least 10 service hours per year through the Center for Servant Leadership or through a Service-Learning designated course. Courses with the Service-Learning designation will be offered in a variety of all college requirements and within major-specific areas.

Forms for Service

To track your service hours and submit your Student Opportunity for Service (SOS Form), please visit your myService page on myPortal.

A TWC Servant Leader exhibits a commitment to serving others, believes he/she can make a difference in the lives of others, and displays leadership skills of effective communication, information literacy, teamwork, critical thinking, and global awareness.