Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Who is required to participate in the Servant Leadership/Service-Learning Program?

Any student who enters Tennessee Wesleyan College in Fall 2010 or later as a first-time, first-year student is required to participate in the Servant Leadership/Service-Learning Program. Transfer students are not required to participate in the Servant Leadership/Service-Learning Program.

2.       What is Service-Learning, and is it different than general volunteer work?

Simply put, service-learning includes an intentional educational component that is generally missing from community service and volunteer opportunities.  The goal of service-learning is to deepen students’ understanding of academic material while also providing a valuable service to the community.

3.       How is TWC 101/102 a part of this program?

All incoming students enroll in TWC 101/102 Freshman Experience during their first year at Tennessee Wesleyan. During the fall semester, students will learn about a variety of resources at TWC that will help them be as successful as possible as they transition to the collegiate atmosphere. During the spring semester, students will participate in their first Service-Learning projects, connecting with the Athens community as a team to make a big difference in our small town. At the end of the first year, students will apply to participate in the Servant Leadership Honors Program or pursue the Service-Learning Track.

4.       What is the Servant Leadership Program?

Students selected for the Servant Leadership Honors Program will earn the Servant Leaders Honor seal on their diploma. Students in this program will complete three Servant Leadership Honors courses that study the importance of quality leadership through some of the college’s most rigorous courses in Religion, History, and English. Thus, the program can make a practical difference in student participants’ lives as well as a theoretical one. These students can make tangible impacts in the communities where our students live and in which the college seeks to serve.

5.       What are Servant Leadership Honors Program (HP) designated courses?

Courses designated as Servant Leadership Honors (HP) focus on leadership as reflected in the areas of Religion, English, and History. In these HP courses, students will witness, practice, and understand leadership. Each of these courses explores the art of leadership in less obvious ways than leadership solely as a position of power or prestige. Leadership styles, significance, and impact on the greater community will be studied.

6.       What is the Service-Learning Track?

Students pursuing the Service-Learning Program will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of service opportunities on- and off-campus. Students utilizing this option may choose to complete a minimum of 10 service hours per year through the Center for Servant Leadership or through a Service-Learning (SL) designated course. Courses with the Service-Learning designation will be offered in a variety of all college requirements and within major-specific areas.

7.       What is an SL designated course?

Courses designated as Service-Learning (SL) include a service-learning project during the semester that either employs skills or knowledge learned in the course or teaches new skills or knowledge related to course objectives. Students will be involved in the planning and implementation of the project(s) and will spend time outside of the classroom completing the service portion. Courses with the SL designation meet the 10 hour service requirement of the Service-Learning Track and are counted toward the graduation service requirement.

8.       How many service hours do I need for graduation?

All students who are enrolled as a freshman at TWC in Fall 2010 or later are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of service-learning prior to graduation.

9.       Can I do all 40 service hours in one semester/academic year?

No, a student cannot do all 40 hours in one semester or academic year and count them towards the graduation requirement. The program is set up so that students must complete a minimum of 10 service hours per academic year. Students can choose to take SL designated classes that will fulfill this requirement or may complete their Service-Learning hours on their own. Students who choose to complete their service hours on their own must work with the Center for Servant Leadership to make sure they are being tracked correctly.

However, if a student completes more than 10 hours per year, they can track those service hours and apply them towards earning a Service Transcript.

10.   Can I do my service on my own and count it?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! If a student chooses to be a complete the Service-Learning Track, they must complete at least one SL course during their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior years. During the years a student does not take an SL designated course, he/she will work with the Center for Servant Leadership to arrange the appropriate service experience and complete all necessary documentation of each service experience. As long as the correct paperwork is completed, the Center encourages students to identify service opportunities that interest and engage them individually!

11.   What if my student organization/athletic group does service?

If the student organization leader or the student athlete who wants to count this service connects with the Center for Servant Leadership, then we  can absolutely work together on how to best track hours as a group or team.

12.   What if I’m transferring OUT of Tennessee Wesleyan?

While at Tennessee Wesleyan, each student who enters Fall 2010 or later must complete 10 hours of Service-Learning during each year they are on our campus.

13.   What if I’m a transfer student INTO Tennessee Wesleyan?

Transfer students are not required to participate in the Servant Leadership/Service-Learning program. However, any student is welcome to track service hours through the Center for Servant Leadership towards a Service Transcript.

14.   What if I complete more than 10 hours per year?

The Center for Servant Leadership will help students track all service hours they complete while at Tennessee Wesleyan. All students who complete more than 100 hours of service during their four years at TWC are eligible to receive a Service Transcript.

15.   What is a Service Transcript?

A Service Transcript is a verified document on TWC letterhead stating and supporting all service tracked by a student. This transcript can help students when applying to higher level of education or for many positions in a variety of industries, helping them to stand out among other candidates. Many employees and graduate programs like to see candidates that have engaged in service, especially service tied to academic studies.

*These transcripts come from the Center for Servant Leadership, not the Registrar’s Office.

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