Glossary of TWC Terms

All College Requirements. The ACR is a listing of courses that are required of all students. These courses include the typical Freshmen and Sophomore level classes that are typically required at most institutions of higher education like English, math, history, lab science, etc.

ACSAcademic Success Center. The ACS is located on the bottom floor of Sherman Hall in the educational wing.

Advisement – A designated time within each semester in which students make an appointment to discuss with their  advisor the course offerings and choices for the next semester. Dates are pre-selected and are included in the  Academic Calendar located in the front of the current catalog or in the Student Handbook and on the website calendar.

Check-In – A designated time immediately prior to the first day of class in which students confirm their classes, make  payment, purchase books, register vehicles, etc. for the new semester.

EITC Education Instructional Technology Center. The EITC is located in the basement of Sherman Hall in the education wing. The Center is a state-of-the art computer lab housing 24 units.

Intent to Graduate – A form to be filled out when a student is approximately two or three semesters from his/her  expected graduation date. This form begins the graduation audit process in which the Registrar’s Office, the advisor, and the student agree on the remaining requirements for graduation.

PDRPresident’s Dining Room. The PDR is located in the Sherman Fine Arts Building.

QEPQuality Enhancement Plan. The QEP is a faculty-driven plan designed to improve learning and the educational experience for all students.

Registration – A designated week in which students bring the registration sheet (filled out at advisement by the student and advisor) to the Registrar’s Office. Priority registration takes place by class (senior, junior, etc.) Registration is the last week of the Advisement period.

SACStudent Activities Center. The SAC is located near the bookstore in Townsend Hall. The student grill, J. Wesley's, is located there as well.

SGAStudent Government Association. A student group that serves as liaison among the student body, faculty, and administration. It seeks to increase a sense of community among students and to aid in the interpretation of College policies. SGA consists of both Legislative and Judicial Councils.

TEPTeacher Education Program. For students interested in becoming certified to teach, admittance to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) is required. Information about this process can be obtained in the Department of Education and Psychology.

TLCTeacher Learning Center. The TLC is located on the second floor of the Department of Education and Psychology in the Sherman Fine Arts Building.

TWC/FSN Tennessee Wesleyan College/Fort Sanders Nursing Department. The nursing department is located at our satellite campus in Knoxville, Tenn.