Advising Checksheets

Behavioral sciences

Behavioral Science
Criminal Justice
Human Services

Business Administration

Business Administration - Accounting
Business Administration - Computer Info. Systems
Business Administration - Finance
Business Administration - General Management
Business Administration - Healthcare Management
Business Administration - Human Resource Management
Business Administration - International Management
Business Administration - Marketing
Business Administration - Professional Accountancy

Education and Psychology

Education - Early Childhood Education (Pre Early -K-3)
Education - Elementary Education (K-5)
Education - Music (K-12)
Education - Physical Education (K-12)
Education - Secondary- General Science/Biology
Education - Secondary- General Science/Chemistry
Education - Secondary- Mathematics
Education - Secondary- English
Education - Secondary- History
Psychology (BA)

English and Modern Languages

English (BA)

Exercise and Sports Sciences

Exercise Science Emphasis
Exercise & Sports Sciences - Sports Fitness
Exercise & Sports Sciences - Pre-Physical Therapy Emphasis
Exercise Science - Physical Education
Exercise & Sports Sciences-Health Professions

Fine Arts

Music - Church Music Emphasis
Music (BA)
Fine Arts


History (BA)

International Studies

International Studies - American Studies
International Studies - Liberal Studies


Mathematics (BA or BS)

Natural sciences

Biology (BA or BS)
Biology (Pre-Professional)
Chemistry (BA or BS)
Chemistry (Pre-Professional)
General Science Biology
General Science Chemistry
Biology (Forensics)
Chemistry (Forensics)


Bachelor in Nursing

Religion and Philosophy

Church Vocations
Pre-seminary (BA)