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What exactly is a "Registrar"?

To keep it simple, the Registrar's Office houses students' permanent academic records including the admission materials as well as transfer work, grades, course schedules, and graduation requirements. Any member of the Registrar's Office can assist a student in calculating GPA both for the term and cumulatively. Graduation audits are common practice so that a student can see exactly what he/she has left to reach a degree. If requested by the student, the Registrar's Office will send transcripts to other institutions and verifications of enrollment to insurance companies or other third parties. Advisor and major changes are also handled within this office. Most importantly, the Registrar's Office serves the student as he/she transitions into the Tennessee Wesleyan College family by helping him/her choose classes for the current term and then continues to serve the student even as he/she becomes an alumnus.

Julie McCaslin, Registrar

Shannon Graves, Associate Registrar

Members of the Registrar's Office are located in Offices 101-104 of Lawrence Hall.

Other Helpful Information


You can find all the current academic policies and graduation requirements as well as previous catalogs. You may graduate using the catalog requirements of any catalog that has been published since you have been a continuous student at TWC.

Transcript Requests

Need a transcript? TWC makes it easy for you to order your transcripts online.

Current Course Schedules 

We post the current semester's schedule of classes as well as future schedules when available so you can plan ahead for advisor meetings and semester schedules.

Advising Checksheets

Are you thinking about changing your major? You can look here to see the advising checksheet for a particular major and know what other courses you may need.

Common request forms

Here you can find PDF copies of important forms that you will need at different stages of your academic career.

Graduation Information

Are you close to graduation or just curious about the process to graduate? Look here to view Graduation Requirements and other information regarding GPAs.

GPA help

Term GPA calculator, our current grading scale, and quality points.

Glossary of TWC Terms 

Ever wondered "What did he/she say?" after speaking with a staff or faculty member on campus? Look here to see if it is explained. If you do not see your current puzzling term, please submit the term to me and I will add the definition for you.