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TWC offering master’s degree in curriculum leadership

Tennessee Wesleyan College enrolled graduate students this past August in its first Master’s program. Developed by the college’s education department, TWC’s Master of Science in Curriculum Leadership trains future academic leaders, producing teachers and leaders who will be competent professionals, service-oriented individuals and reflective practitioners.

The 30-hour degree can be completed through an alternating combination of 6-hour fall and spring semesters coupled with 12 hours spread throughout three accelerated terms during a summer semester. All degree classes will be offered in the afternoon and evening hours, with some online options included.

“This program was developed for certified teachers as well as students with undergraduate degrees in a behavioral science-related field,” said Dr. Patricia Jones, a TWC professor of education and chairwoman of the college’s department of education and psychology. “The curriculum centers on a sophisticated course management system of classes offered at flexible times to accommodate working adults.”

Developed as the college’s first Master’s program, the degree has been designed with a broad range of learning opportunities and will provide the foundation, skills and knowledge necessary for students to succeed as curricular leaders and to pursue both academic and other leadership prospects.

“At the heart of this program is the belief that all professionals must possess intellectual knowledge and the desire for lifelong learning, long after the undergraduate experience comes to an end,” said Dr. Jones. “The Master of Science in Curriculum Leadership will equip graduates of the program with the ability to practice and demonstrate leadership skills in a variety of venues.”

The inclusion of a graduate level program in Tennessee Wesleyan’s curriculum has expanded the college’s academic reach said Stan Harrison, TWC’s vice president of enrollment.

“This is without a doubt the most monumental advancement in academics that this institution has seen in decades,” said Harrison. “To go from a four-year liberal arts college to a graduate degree granting institution, it’s an excellent next step into the college’s future as an academic leader in East Tennessee.”

*For more information regarding the Master of Science in Curriculum Leadership admission criteria, please refer to the Master of Science in Curriculum Leadership Graduate Student Guide.

To learn more about this exciting educational opportunity, contact:

Tennessee Wesleyan College
Dr. Patricia L. Jones
204 East College Street Athens, TN 37303
(423) 746-5219 | pjones@twcnet.edu | (Athens campus)

Master of Science in Curriculum Leadership

M 501 Research Design and Statistics - 3 s.h.
ED 512 Finance, Facilities, and Personnel - 3 s.h.
ED 520 Foundations of School Leadership - 3 s.h.
ED 523 Current Trends and Issues in Leadership - 3 s.h.
ED 530 Curriculum Leadership and Evaluation - 3 s.h.
ED 543 Partnerships in Education - 3 s.h.
ED 555 School Law - 3 s.h.
ED 566 Multicultural Education - 3 s.h.
ED 571 Action Research - 3 s.h.
ED 580 Administrative Internship - 3 s.h.

Total: 30 credit hours