TWC Travels

Tennessee Wesleyan is proud to offer travel abroad opportunities to our students. Through the TWC Travels program, students can participate in three types of travel abroad opportunities: study abroad opportunities, mission trips, and college-sponsored trips. To learn more about each type of trip and see upcoming and past trips, please click on the headings below.

Study Abroad

Tennessee Wesleyan College students can earn academic credit while spending time in another country. You may choose short-term options--such as a week-long trip over spring break--or longer ones: a summer, a semester, or even a year.  When you live in another country, you will become immersed in that culture, and you will learn a great deal not only in your classes but also from the experiences you will have. You will, no doubt, be challenged and tested, but you  will forge lifelong friendships and make memories to hold for the rest of your life. As you reflect on your experiences, you will also learn more about yourself.

Mission Trips

Through participation in mission trips, students travel to both international and domestic locations to conduct volunteer work throughout the world. These trips allow students to serve others in their communities and beyond, while also learning about different places and cultures.

College-Sponsored Trips

College-sponsored trips allow participants to travel to locations abroad and domestic. While participants do not earn college credit or service hours for these trips, participation allows students to experience and learn about new cultures and places while visiting historic attractions and destinations.