Honors Program

The Tennessee Wesleyan College Honors Program provides specially chosen students the opportunity to study life's greatest questions in seminar settings, with the college's humanities faculty.

The curriculum is organized initially around the reading of great books, which treat enduring issues that have formed and continue to shape the human community. The seminars are discussion based, focusing on written reaction to the readings, and emphasize close interaction between faculty and students. The curriculum then moves to major field-based courses, focusing more specifically on enduring issues, and, if students choose to do so, is capped with the writing of a senior honors thesis.

The Honors Program is open to second semester freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who are recognized as leading scholars and/or nominated by the faculty, based on scholarship awards, standardized test scores and past classroom performance.

Each course, with the exception of the one-hour introductory course, earns a minimum of three semester hours of credit. A course may be taken as an elective or may fulfill an All College Requirement (ACR) or may be applied toward a major or minor if approved through existing processes.

Successful completion of at least 12 hours with no grade lower than a B entitles the student to an Honors Program diploma, with appropriate seal affixed thereto.