Academic Resources

Tennessee Wesleyan College offers students a multitude of academic resources, which allow students from all backgrounds, in all fields, to expand their horizons.

The Honors Program

If you enjoy a challenge, Tennessee Wesleyan's Honors Program in Culture, Ideas and Values will help you develop an understanding and appreciation of the interrelationships among history, literature, mathematics, philosophy, religion and science.

Study Abroad

Tennessee Wesleyan's southern hospitality extends to students from all over the United States and more than 12 countries across five continents. Today's world is a global community and we believe it is vital for students to discover, explore and appreciate other cultures through the study abroad program.

Center for Servant Leadership

In 2010, Tennessee Wesleyan College opened its Center for Servant Leadership to provide students opportunities to apply their knowledge to "real world" problems through volunteerism. The Center is a part of the College's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which is a comprehensive plan for student learning predicated on our mission's principle of developing servant leaders through academic components. Tennessee Wesleyan College's mission, in part, seeks to provide students the highest quality educational experience, to promote personal responsibility, integrity, and purpose while preparing students for a life of leadership and service. To fulfill this long stated mission, Tennessee Wesleyan graduates must show Servant Leadership qualities.

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is a free academic support service, staffed by trained student tutors who offer personal assistance to their peers in study skills and subjects across the curriculum.

Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology offers professors, instructors and students alike, resources for utilizing the World Wide Web for educational purposes to its fullest. The Appalachian College Association contracted with a company to configure a version of Sakai and maintain it for it's member colleges. That version of Sakai is named LAMP (Learning Asset Management Project).

Merner Pfeiffer Library

In a beautiful setting or online, students and faculty may use the library's excellent resources, including print books and journals, e-books and e-journals, newspapers, and recreational reading materials. Services include online research tools, library instruction, computer and media stations, in-house laptop checkout, a café , and wireless and printing capabilities.