Academic Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Academic Affairs. This is home for all of our academic programs as well as the Merner Pfeiffer Library and the Registrar’s Office. Our mission is to empower you to achieve your educational goals and career aspirations by providing a student-centered learning environment infused with the spirit of academic excellence and professional success. Since our founding in 1857, we have had the pleasure of serving students of all ages on the basis of four fundamental principles.

Students Come First

At Tennessee Wesleyan our primary focus is on teaching. Over 75% of our courses are taught by experienced, full-time faculty who hold a terminal degree in their field. Many of our part-time instructors are working professionals who simply love to teach.  We believe students learn best by doing, so we emphasize the importance of active learning and hands-on experiences in our courses.  And with an average class size of only 12 students, you will have lots of opportunities to participate while developing a strong bond with our faculty and lasting relationships with your classmates.

A Well-Rounded Education Gives Students an Edge

At Tennessee Wesleyan we pride ourselves on educating the whole student by offering a thorough liberal arts education. We are a regionally-accredited non-profit institution with over 30 career-oriented bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the areas of Business, Health Sciences, Professional Studies and the Arts & Sciences. Our emphasis on the liberal arts ensures that while you are gaining professional expertise in your degree program you also will be developing the general knowledge and skills that employers value and graduate schools expect.

Students Deserve Personalized Service

Tennessee Wesleyan is a student-centered institution that is dedicated to serving the academic needs of a diverse student population. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or an adult learner returning to college, we will work to make your transition as seamless as possible. We also welcome the opportunity to assist transfer students, student athletes and international students.  To ensure you remain on track to graduate, we are always available to provide you with advising and tutoring services tailored to your personal circumstances and individual educational needs.

Student Success is Our Success

At Tennessee Wesleyan we are always working to enhance the accessibility, affordability and quality of our academic programs. The ultimate measure of our performance, however, is the success of our students. In recent years a majority of our graduates in areas such as business, education and nursing have found career opportunities in their chosen field. Many others have been admitted to the graduate program of their choice, including some of the nation’s finest medical and law schools.  We invite you to learn more about our students’ accomplishments and their success stories elsewhere on our website.

Thank you for visiting the Office of Academic Affairs. We hope you will explore Tennessee Wesleyan to see how we can help students like yourself realize their full potential… and Be More! 

 Dr. Kim Spiezio, Vice President for Academic Affairs



COllege-Wide Learning Outcomes
  • Use effectively the skills of reading, writing and speaking.
  • Recognize the issues that affect social and political behavior in their historical and cultural perspectives.
  • Recognize and analyze contributions of the arts and literature.
  • Demonstrate mathematical computation skills and basic computer applications skills, and demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method.
  • Think critically and develop a basis for effective judgment.
  • Access and evaluate information, and its sources, and use information effectively to accomplish a purpose.

Roster of Instructional Faculty BY DEPARTMENT

All course listings are undergraduate level.

Behavioral Sciences
History & Political Science
Business Administration
Education & Psychology Natural Sciences
English & Foreign Languages Nursing
Exercise & Sports Sciences Religion & Philosophy
Fine Arts TWC 101 and 102


Job Descriptions
Academic Success Center Director Associate Registrar
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean for Library Campus Minister
Associate Dean for Business Administration Department Chair
Associate Dean for Nursing Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Associate Dean for Education and Behavioral Science Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Director of Library and Information Services Instructional Technology Coordinator for Faculty
Associate Dean for Science and Mathematics Manager of Student Records
Associate Dean for Humanities Access Services Librarian
Associate Director of Library and Information Services Assistant Professor of French and Coordinator of International Programs