Skylar Dean

TWC Alumnus Skylar Dean shares how the size of Tennessee Wesleyan impacted his education and prepared him for a business career as a financial advisor.

"I chose Wesleyan because I wanted to play baseball. What I loved about the college once I got there is that the faculty and staff really cared about you and got to know you. It probably wasn't six months on campus before everbody was calling me by my first name and I could remember everyone.

The work that I did at Wesleyan really helped to prepare me for my career. There was a lot of individual focus that you might not be able to get at some colleges. Almost every class had presentations and projects that I was able to do and be evaluated on by not only the content but also how I presented them. In business it's constantly presenting different things and sharing your ideas with other people. I really feel like TWC's smaller classrooms helped me learn how to present and work on those types of projects, rather than sitting in auditorium seating.

If I were doing it again today, as a college student, I would be really involved in campus again just like I was when I went through the higher education experience. I was involved in the fraternity and other campus activities. Juggling baseball, the fraternity, other organizations, and my academic course load really helped me get ready to be busy all the time. It made it where I could easily transition into the working world."