Karessa Cunningham

TWC Alumna Karessa Cunningham shares how she came to Tennessee Wesleyan for the nursing program and then found a passion for teaching.

"I chose Tennessee Wesleyan because I wanted to become a nurse, and Tennessee Wesleyan has the best nursing degree around. I quickly realized, though, that my passion was teaching. My academic advisor helped me make the transition between the two majors, guiding me through that process and helping me realize my dream of becoming an educator.

Tennessee Wesleyan was a great opportunity to really get involved. It gave me the opportunity to go from a really big high school and just be part of a small group setting. It was like a family.

My professors gave me great advice. One of my professors even set me up with a job interview to help me start my career. The professors guided me every step of the way. They want to make good educators, and I really like that!

I'm really glad I chose Tennessee Wesleyan, and I'm really glad that I've made the relationships that I've made. Even if I leave Athens, it's always going to stay and be a large part of me."