Justin McRary

TWC Alumnus Justin McRary shares how he came to Wesleyan to play soccer and left with an education that prepared him to open his own gym.

"Playing soccer at Tennessee Wesleyan, putting in all the time and organization, the dedication, it really drove me to what I'm doing now, owning my own gym. It also helped me in the classroom to be more organized, more disciplined. Wesleyan prepared me for my career by offering me life experiences that I have been able to use in my job. I was involved in a lot of different organizations on campus that showed me how to manage and run a business.

Wesleyan offers you a little bit of everything. The athletic programs are outstanding. The organizations are wonderful. The best thing I got out of Wesleyan was the education. I look back now, and I know that I use things I learned at Tennessee Wesleyan every single day of my life. I can't be thankful enough for what they gave me and what they did for me."