Joshua Stephens

TWC Alumnus Joshua "J Roy" Stephens shares how Tennessee Wesleyan's music program prepared him for his a career as a worship leader and recording artist.

"I chose Tennessee Wesleyan College because they gave me fantastic scholarships. At TWC, it was more of a classical-based music program, but it was incredibly beneficial because all music comes from that. It's the building blocks for modern music. Wesleyan prepared me for the things I'm doing in my career now.

I would say, if you're going to get a higher education, look at Tennessee Wesleyan College because you absolutely get what you pay for. It was a challenging program. I had to put in work to earn my degree, and I came out of college ready for what I'm doing now.

When I started at Wesleyan, I couldn't read music. I'm not great at it, but what I loved about Wesleyan is that they didn't treat it as a hindrance. They saw me as a student who had a good ear, a natural ability. They wanted to shape that and mold it.

There's a lot of people in the music industry who don't get a higher degree. I feel like my degree prepared me to think outside of the box when it comes to music. I can think in terms of interesting chords and progressions that I wouldn't have been exposed to if I hadn't gotten a music degree from Wesleyan. It was great to be exposed to all the different types of music that I was taught at Tennessee Wesleyan."