Drew Crabtree

TWC Alumnus Drew Crabtree shares how Tennessee Wesleyan helped prepare him for his career playing in contemporary pop Christian band Calling Glory.

"I chose Tennessee Wesleyan College because I really wanted to be a part of a tight knit community, more of a family lifestyle, instead of just being a number. That's exactly what I found when I came to campus. I'm really close with the professors still to this day. I still get texts and tweets from some of my professors just to catch up and see how I'm doing.

Wesleyan truly prepared me for my career playing in a contemporary Christian band. Even though at Wesleyan, it's more of a traditional background in music, I can still play modern music. The music professors at Wesleyan are top quality, second to none. Many of them have studied and traveled all over the world doing what they love to do and I knew they could teach me to that same level.

If anyone is looking for a higher education degree, I would tell them to look at Tennessee Wesleyan College. Even though it is in a small town, it's not easy. The education is comparable to any other university, any other private school out there. I've learned more at TWC than I believe I would at a larger university, because there's a level of responsibility at Wesleyan that there might not be at a larger school."