Board of Trustees


Mr. Allen Carter, Chair

Mr. Hugh Queener, ’77,  Vice Chair

Mr. Matthew Brookshire, Secretary, ‘95

Ms. Claire Tucker, ‘75

Rev. Thomas Reed, ’73

Honorable Carl Colloms, ‘64

Rev. Dan Moore, ‘74  

Ms. Sharon Brown

Mr. Jerry Smith, ‘61

Mr. Don Webb, ‘81

Mr. Larry Mauldin

Ms. Tenna Hornsby, ‘84   

Ms. Mintie Willson

Mr. Bryan Jackson  

Ms. Ailene Chambers, ’65

Ms. Laurie Hallenberg, J.D.  

Dr. Regenia Mayfield, ’59, ‘06H

Mr. Mark White, ‘76

Ms. Angie Green-Griffin, ‘92

Ms. Mary Williams

Mr. Jim Winer

Dr. Vant Hardaway

Ms. Pat Purshotham

Ms. Shirley Woodcock

Mr. Hugh Walker III

Dr. Danny Hays

Mr. Bill Kilbride

Mr. Butch Peccolo

Special Representatives

Mr. Larry Kleinman, Covenant Health

Dr. Dan Gilbert, Faculty

Ms. Jo Lundy, ’88, Alumni

Mr. Keith Altshuler, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Ms. Kristen Camp – Student Rep


Dr. Harley Knowles, President

Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor, Resident Bishop of the Holston Conference

Rev. Joe Green, District Superintendent